You’re invited to experience the world from the horses' perspective and share in the powerful moments that support the therapeutic process.

Enjoy a Deeper Peace and Relief From Life’s Pressures While in the Calming Presence of Horses. 

Transform Your Vision of Wellness and Join The Herd

Mission Statement

To promote personal growth and wellness through healing experiences with horses and provide opportunities for everyone to encounter a “Divine Interaction.”

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Divine Interactions Equine Facilitated Wellness, LLC is a private practice specializing in the health and wellness of our clients through Equine–Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning.

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Equine-Assisted Learning

Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy

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I highly recommend Divine Interactions! Shanna, Sam, and their amazing horses provide a truly unique and wonderful experience for anyone... young or old, man or woman, shy or outgoing, "horse person" or not. Each horse has a unique personality, just like us humans, and I felt I was able to really bond with the horses and learn more about myself and these amazing creatures. This was a truly rewarding experience, one I will cherish forever. Thank you Sam and Shanna!
~ Angela Battig

I can’t say enough about the amazing work Shanna and Sam do for both horses and humans everyday. They have truly made a commitment to change lives, and I know they have impacted mine in such a huge way. Give this amazing opportunity for growth a chance, and you won’t regret it!

~ Stephen W.

I got to work with Shanna and her passion, personality and professionalism were phenomenal. I hope everyone gets the opportunity like I did to learn about myself in such a unique way. She did not rush me into working with the horses and made sure I was comfortable the whole time. Even if you are not a "horse person", there are so many ways to utilize horses and get comfortable with them. All of the horses were friendly. This did not seem like a therapy session and yet I learned so much. Incorporating equine assisted therapy as a therapeutic option gets you out of an office setting and is just more comfortable. I couldn't imagine doing therapy any other way. The facilities are nice, (they have a roof) and easy to find too. Thank you Shanna, can't wait to come back!
~ Dylan Everett

I attended a group session at Divine Interactions Equine Facilitated Wellness, LLC with two other people. Shanna and Sam, the owners, were incredibly inviting and made me feel entirely comfortable participating in the therapy exercises. I was amazed with how well Shanna and Sam were able to incorporate horses into the activities, and how much more I learned about myself and the group dynamics by interacting with horses. Through the experience, Shanna and Sam were able to offer unique, judgement free insight that helped me learn more about myself and my interpersonal skills. Also, there was never a moment where I felt in harm's way; Shanna and Sam do a great job keeping both the humans and the animals safe! I would most definitely recommend this service to anyone looking to explore a unique form of therapy. It will be worth your time!
~ Rachel Eastman

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Horses’ natural instincts keep them safe in the wild…

  • To be at rest and not always on alert.
  • To build trust and when to set boundaries
  • To be part of the herd

Those same traits can teach you how:

Check out our Monthly & Special Events

  •  Learn mindfulness skills – how to be in the moment
  •  Meditation Practices – find your inner peace
  •  Team Building Skills – meet like-minded individuals
  •  And so much more!

 Let's Put the "We" in Wellness. Why You Should Join the Herd Today

Unlike pack animals, herd animals can live harmoniously among other herd animals and their primary focus is safety. Therefore, we can learn to become less pack-like and more herd-like in our own lives, looking out for and supporting one another. 

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