Does your counselor wear muck boots and Carhart?
We didn't think so. That's how we're different...
We live and breathe the outdoors, are genuine and authentic and our approach may not appeal to everyone. Yet, those who seek us out can no longer imagine experiencing counseling any other way.

Rethink Mental Healthcare by Stepping into the Arena

Rein In The Chaos, Become Part of the Herd and Fill Your Life With Horse Sense

We proudly offer outpatient mental health services in a warm, laid-back, down-to-earth, nontraditional, and non-sterile environment. Through a combination of a variety of evidence-based practices, our exclusive therapies are tailored specifically for you while complying with all HIPAA standards and practices.

Our Equine-Assisted Therapies benefit a range of presenting problems to cover all your emotional needs, which include but are not limited to:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Self-Esteem
  • Relationship Issues
  • Life Transitions
  • Situation Stressors
  •  OCD,
  •  And Much More!

**If you do not find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us here, so we can discuss your needs further. 

Insurances Accepted for Equine-Assisted Therapies

At this time Divine Interactions is in network with:
  • Commercial UPMC
  • Highmark/Blue Cross
    & Blue Shield
  •  Optum/United Behavioral Health
  •  Aetna
  •  Cigna health

**We are not currently in network with any Medicaid or Medicare insurance plans.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP)

  •   Implement the power of Equine-Assisted philosophy principles and exercises
  • Honors natural horse and herd behaviors
  •  Harnesses the horses’ natural instincts that keep them safe and adept at survival - optimal traits for mental and physical health
  • Work and observation of the horse world gives us powerful metaphors to promote insight into our own patterns, strengths, and nonverbal messages.

 Examples of Principles used in EAP
  • Herd/ Pack
  • Pressure/ Pain
  •  Attention/ At-Ease
  • Push/ Pull

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Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL):

  • Process everyone can benefit from, not just those seeking mental health treatment
  • Enhances personal development opportunities
  • Offers experiential communication, team building and personal growth experiences great for:

o Individuals
o Families
o Corporate Retreats
o Church Groups
o School Groups
o Scout outings
*And much more

Gentle reminder: EAL doesn’t require facilitation by a licensed mental health professional, however, all EAL at Divine Interactions are still co-facilitated for optimal safety and learning experience.

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Take Trauma Therapy to the Next Level with Equilateral EA EMDR

That Helps You Destress, Decompress, and Process Traumatic Life Events

  • As a comprehensive and integrated treatment of choice for trauma recovery
  • Participants are taken through the 8 phases of EMDR while partnered with horses.
  • EA-EMDR is a combination of multiple psychotherapeutic approaches
  • Partnering your EMDR therapy with our horse friend(s) helps deepen the therapeutic properties and enables clients to be “more in the moment”
  • Equine-Assisted Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing
  • It’s the premiere integration of Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) and EMDR

What Is EA-EMDR Do You Ask?

How Can EA-EMDR Help You?

  “We can’t heal distressing experiences if the therapy itself still keeps us thinking that we are in the past, is re-traumatizing, or keeps one feeling ‘stuck.’ Truth is sometimes that happens in the office. Equine-Assisted EMDR keeps us ‘in the now,’ while healing ‘then’ in all phases of EMDR.”
- Sarah Jenkins MC, LPC, CPsychol.

 The 1st of its Kind in the Pittsburgh Area!

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A Little Fact & History for Those Who Want to Know More:

Providers at Divine Interactions are all certified through the OK Corral Series and trained by founder Greg Kersten. Kersten coined “Equine-Assisted” Psychotherapy in the early ’90s and went on to publish the first training manual through his corporation in 1995. Since then, he’s been training and certifying professionals in the practice of EAP using the same principles and exercises he found particularly effective in his work.

I can’t say enough about the amazing work Shanna and Sam do for both horses and humans everyday. They have truly made a commitment to change lives, and I know they have impacted mine in such a huge way. Give this amazing opportunity for growth a chance, and you won’t regret it!

~ Stephen W.

I highly recommend Divine Interactions! Shanna, Sam, and their amazing horses provide a truly unique and wonderful experience for anyone... young or old, man or woman, shy or outgoing, "horse person" or not. Each horse has a unique personality, just like us humans, and I felt I was able to really bond with the horses and learn more about myself and these amazing creatures. This was a truly rewarding experience, one I will cherish forever. Thank you Sam and Shanna!
~ Angela Battig

I got to work with Shanna and her passion, personality and professionalism were phenomenal. I hope everyone gets the opportunity like I did to learn about myself in such a unique way. She did not rush me into working with the horses and made sure I was comfortable the whole time. Even if you are not a "horse person", there are so many ways to utilize horses and get comfortable with them. All of the horses were friendly. This did not seem like a therapy session and yet I learned so much. Incorporating equine assisted therapy as a therapeutic option gets you out of an office setting and is just more comfortable. I couldn't imagine doing therapy any other way. The facilities are nice, (they have a roof) and easy to find too. Thank you Shanna, can't wait to come back!
~ Dylan Everett

I attended a group session at Divine Interactions Equine Facilitated Wellness, LLC with two other people. Shanna and Sam, the owners, were incredibly inviting and made me feel entirely comfortable participating in the therapy exercises. I was amazed with how well Shanna and Sam were able to incorporate horses into the activities, and how much more I learned about myself and the group dynamics by interacting with horses. Through the experience, Shanna and Sam were able to offer unique, judgement free insight that helped me learn more about myself and my interpersonal skills. Also, there was never a moment where I felt in harm's way; Shanna and Sam do a great job keeping both the humans and the animals safe! I would most definitely recommend this service to anyone looking to explore a unique form of therapy. It will be worth your time!
~ Rachel Eastman

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Did You Know That People and Horses Share Similar Traits in Being Highly Sensitive?

There is actually a 15-20% subset of the population who have a high personality trait known as “Sensory-Processing Sensitivity” (SPS) and we share many of these same traits with horses.

  • When easily overwhelmed by bright lights, smells, coarse material, or sirens
  • Get rattled if there’s a lot to do in a short amount of time
  • Rearrange your life to avoid upsetting, or overwhelming situations
  • Display an increase in emotional sensitivity and stronger reactivity to both internal/external stimuli such as pain, hunger, light, etc.

 Do not fret there are wonderful positive qualities to these traits as well!

  • Thought to be linked to higher levels of creativity
  • Richer personal relationships
  • Deeper appreciation for beauty

We here at Divine Interactions are passionate about helping our fellow HSP’s as we too have these traits and wish to teach others how to embrace and honor this special part of themselves. 

A principle Acronym “DOES” acts as a good way to summarize all aspects if high sensitivity:
  • Depth of processing
  • Overstimulation
  • Emotional Responsivity/ Empathy
  • Sensitive to subtleties

 Ditch the couch. Embrace nature and the healing presence of horses

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Adjunct Services We Offer to Our Clients




The Alpha-Stim electrotherapy device is proven effective and safe for treatment of anxiety, insomnia, and depression with:

NO lasting side effects,
NO risk of addiction,
& NO danger of interaction with medications.

Results are long lasting and often immediate. Available for use in the office and by prescription for use at home.

A medication-free treatment program for panic attacks and the symptoms associated with trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in only 28 days. Available by prescription for use at home only (not available to demo or try in the office).


CalmiGo is a calming device based on a synergy of three established methods: exhalation prolongation, relaxing scents, and grounding (multi-sensory stimulation).
 Available to view demo in office and discount code available to purchase

Discount code: DIEFW15

TouchPoints are patented wearables that use gentle vibrations to reduce the negative impacts of stress. Available to try and use in office and discount code available to purchase