Become Part of the Herd by Learning About Horses Natural Instincts

The Same Traits That Keep Horses Safe in the Wild

  •  Can improve your mood
  • Change your outlook of a situation
  • Even make your life more tranquil

Divine Interactions combines mindfulness practices, meditation and Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL) into their events that are open to the community. Plus, EAL is beneficial to everyone which makes the perfect gift for self-care and can be shared with friends, corporate gatherings, and more.

Why Mindfulness Matters

Horses can teach many things including one of the best practices of being “in the now”

While painful memories or future worries occupy our thoughts, the practice of mindfulness brings you to a place of peace in the present moment

It opens your mind and heart to the beauty of the world around you, to those precious thoughts, sounds, and feelings like

The sound of horses’ hooves, the feel of their manes, and the softness of their coat.  On our farm, we also have beautiful landscape pastures, and are surrounded by the wonderful creations of mother nature.

Wellness Schedules

Mindfulness Schedules


 Another key practice from our wellness sessions that can help you find inner calm. We combine this with grooming, yoga (our newest venture), or in the pasture with LuAnn Cibik with Inner Harmony and her beautiful sound bowls and more.

Bringing an overall calm to the mind and body meditation centers your thoughts and helps you let go of the chaos of the outside world.

Allowing you to focus on the here & now, spend time caring for yourself, the horse friends, and return to the simplicity of just being in that moment.

Leading us into Team Building:

Meeting like-minded individuals during events and truly connecting with others creates a special bond and new wonderful memories.

We have a number of events throughout the year, many on a monthly & rotating basis.

All scheduled events are updated a month or two in advance, plus are announced in our newsletter

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Mindfulness Schedule

Wellness Schedule